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An early version of a mobile game I’m creating.

You’re a hacker that’s had your mind swapped into a purple octopus(or sextopus, damn Genetic Engineering), sent into orbit to hack computer systems around the globe from the comfort of your own satellite.

Over the course of the game you get increasingly difficult jobs, to complete the jobs, first you must successfully connect to a computer, then you are presented with a hacking screen, which you have to get a number of file symbols in a row to complete 
the job, all without getting traced, if you get traced you fail the job and don’t receive the reward, when you succeed you will earn valuable cash to upgrade in the way you see fit to complete new hacking jobs.

Through various upgrades you can increase your Hacking (which dictates how fast you hack & Level of server you can connect to), your Programming (decreases chance of alarm) & Luck (increases chance of bonus)



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